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Yggrasil, The Tree of Life, is a giant, bluish tree and an area in Creatures 2, located near the Western Ocean and across the bridge from the Desert area. A beehive can be found in its branches, triffid and pear plants grow around its base, and Pulsatilla Berries grow on a fern near its roots. It has sometimes been called the Season Tree because a scroll which tells the current season is affixed to its trunk.

Unlike most areas in Creatures 2, Yggdrasil will actually change appearance depending upon the current season: its leaves will turn brown in the Autumn, disappear in the Winter, and then regrow in the Spring!

Note: The (incorrect) spelling given here is based on the wording given by Creatures 2 - Official Strategies & Secrets. The correct term is actually Yggdrasil.

Native Critters:

Native Plants: