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Wingy Norn (C2)

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Golden Desert Wingy Emerald Wingy Desert Wingy Pixie Wingy

General Information[edit]

The Wingy Norns weren't designed as a new breed, but instead as a project for other people making new breeds and attaching wings to them. After a big dispute in the community about taking other people's work (i.e. from a winged breed) and using it without permission, Alien designed three different kinds of wings and attached them to the bodies of the Emerald Norn, Desert Norn and Pixie Norn, creating new body data intended for other breed developers to use in an attempt to avoid future dispute. All three are downloadable at Alien's Creatures World.

Following this concept, Tafgana created the Winged Golden Desert Norns (or Golden Desert Wingy), which can be downloaded at Aqualbia and at Alien's Creatures World.

Those breeds occupy the following breed slots:

  • Golden Desert Wingy (Grendel slot G)
  • Emerald Wingy (Grendel slot E)
  • Desert Wingy (Grendel slot D)
  • Pixie Wingy (Grendel slot F)

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