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White Haired Pixie Norn

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Female and male White Haired Pixie Norns.

The Pixie Norn (sometimes referred to as the Fox Norn or Puppy Norn) is one of three original norn breeds for Creatures. Occupying breed slot 1, these norns are distinguished by their wild, white hair, the colored bands on their wrists, their rabbit-like tails, and boot-like feet. Males have flappy ears similar to the Brown Mouse Norns and blue eyes, while females have brown eyes and ears that more closely resemble those of the Purple Mountain Norns and Horse Norns.

This norn breed can also be used with Creatures 2 via the Nornverter, where they occupy norn breed slot B. This breed has also been converted for use in C12DS, and a CFF variant has been released.

Lis Morris created a White Haired Pixie Norn Head Fix, to put the female adult's head on her shoulders properly.