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The Warp is the name of the system in Docking Station used to transport norns over the Internet.

Plotwise, it is what the Lone Shee was engrossed in studying while the rest of his species were building the Shee Ark and setting off for Sphericus, so much so that he did not notice them leave. The Lone Shee built a Warp portal into the Capillata. The Lone Shee was not the only Shee to discover the Warp: The Banshee also discovered it many years before he was even born, and used it to leave Albia.

The official Docking Station servers which were hosted by Gameware are not online anymore. This inspired the community to develop an alternative to the official servers, called Albian Warp, which allows the Warp to be used again. In September 2022, Eemfoo.org began hosting a new warp created by 20kdc, which "does not require any significant install, and will work with all versions (even Steam and Linux!) of DS". During the beta phase, the Creatures Community was invited to join the Eemfoo Discord to facilitate bugtesting.

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