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A vendor is an object that when pushed, makes other objects. Some make food, toys, or plants as well as other things. SteerPike has many such vendors at his Curiosity Shoppe.

The vendor first appears in Creatures 1 as an immovable carrot dispenser, located on the uppermost level of the desert island, which can only be activated by creatures. The concept soon gained popularity among players (possibly due to the lack of replenishing food sources outside the garden) with many developers creating vendors. This trend continued with the release of Creatures 2 and Creatures 3, though these games only come with a few "official" vendors.

Vendors are a major food source in Docking Station, which has a more compact and arguably more "artificial" world. The most notable of these is the Empathic Vendor. Vendors also show up in the Creatures Village games.

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