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The variant slot in a gene header is a feature used in Creatures Village to give creatures genes which influence their personalities. 0 means that the gene will apply to all creatures, and a number from 1 to 8 will mean that the gene will only function if the creature is of that variant. The 'breed' given as an example of the variant in the table below only applies to hatchery eggs - higher generation eggs or the outer space alien will have a variant chosen at random.

Random variants are assigned to creatures in Creatures 3 and Docking Station as well, but the default genomes do not have any genes which use this feature. Genes can mutate from applying to all variants (0) to only applying to one of the eight, which can have consequences if your creatures did not have that variant assigned at birth.

Creatures Village Variants[edit]

Number Name Description[1] Breed
0 No name Affects all creatures Affects all creatures
1 Speedy Norn "Speedy Norns run about a lot and rarely sleep. They have a hard time concentrating on any one task. You may also find that they get restless when bored so make sure you have plenty of toys on hand! " Brown Alba Norn
2 Dozy Norn "Dozy Norns enjoy a nice nap any time of day. You may find them dozing in the strangest places! They get tired very easily, so don't over-tax them! " Green Malay Norns
3 Pudgy Norn "Pudgy Norns love to eat! You had better watch your apple tree or they may eat all of your fruit! " Purple Primrose Norn,
Okapi Norn
4 Plucky Norn "Plucky Norns strut about and act very sure of themselves. They know what they want and will do what they want " Turquoise-and-Green-Striped Pippin Norn,
Tiger Norn
5 Shy Norn "Shy Norns are very gentle and need frequent tickles and protection. They tend to run away.from the slightest noise " Purple Primrose Norn
6 Friendly Norn "Friendly Norns love to be around their friends. They love to copy others and may not eat if their friends would rather play! " Brown Alba Norn
7 Clumsy Norn "Clumsy Norns tend to knock into things. They're not the sharpest tools in the tool chest, but one of the most loveable breeds! " Green Malay Norn,
Cave Norn
8 Eager Norn "Eager Norns may be the easiest to train as they are quite responsive. Unlike Plucky Norns, they may come when they're called! " Turquoise-and-Green-Striped Pippin Norn

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