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I come from Mostar, a famous city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am 11 and my name is Marija (on English Mary). My mother language is Croatian. I know Serbian, Montenegrian, Bosnian and English. I love Creatures 2, but I also have got Creatures 1. I am interested in genetics, Microsoft Word and computer security. I have created some unique Norns in Genetics Kit, one of my favourite programs for Creatures 2, and a few COBs. My favourite C2 breeds are Konfetti, Kimahri, Midsummer, Fantasia and Valentine Norn.

I am currently making a new Creatures 2 world. I love designing the C2 default world and editing the Windows Registry. I am playing C2 and occassionaly C1 since April 2009.

I don't know English perfectly and I have some problems with irregular verbs and Present Simple Tense. If you didn't understood something, just ask me what I wanted to say and I will try to explain (if I can, of course). :)

Basic informations:

Name: Marija (but call me Vatrena or Mary, because I don't like my Croatian name)

Age: 11 and half

City and country: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Computer configuration: I have a laptop... AMD 1.60 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, Win XP Home SP2... I had a desktop computer... AMD 1.60 Ghz, 1,5 GB RAM, Win XP Professional SP2 with Vista Inspirat that changes the appearance of Win XP, ATI Radeon 9200, LG monitor (LCD)... please don't laugh just because my dekstop computer was a bit weak... altrough it was weak, it had a beautiful silver trasparent Aero theme and a wallpaper with Butterfly nad Flora Norns. And Windows were very speed. But my desktop computer doesn't work anymore. :(