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Siner with a litany of previous aliases, telyn is now primarily interested in reverse-engineering Creatures engine file formats, and finishing up her JRC server, and documenting the JRC protocol.

She graduated university in 2013 and now spends her days working a dead-end job and making music. She was featured on the Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination timer music album. One of her friends described track 3 of her upcoming album Final Transmission thusly: "It's not, 'Argh! The world is ending!!!' like the first two tracks, but it's still quite unsettling."

She misses Spook dearly.

Previous Work[edit]

  • Successfully decoded the GLST (.creature history) format.
  • Created c2ephp, with GameFreak's aid.
  • A couple of JRC bots, back in the day.