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I'm Alyssa Milburn, aka Fuzzie, and I'm a wiki administrator.

Feel free to email/jabber (google talk) me (fuzzie@f.org, where 'f' should be replaced with 'fuzzie') if you have problems, or leave a note on my talk page.

All my contributions to the cwiki are hereby released into the public domain. Do what you want with them.

todo list

This all either needs creating or improving an awful lot.

To fill out:

I also want to:

  • document the CAOS language (not functions!)
  • document the differences between different CAOS versions
  • document the format of Catalogue files adequately
  • talk about simple/compound/vehicle/etc objects somewhere
  • discuss how to create and render norn breed attachment stuff
  • discuss how the room models work
  • write about the C3 cellular automa
  • write about the clothing stuff in CA/CV
  • add more screenshots of various things