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Frogzombie36 is a creature addict and a beginner at gene engineering. My Docking station name is frogzombie362 now , Just in case you need a hint its frogzombie362 :P, Found the making carrots cheat. Adding on to perfect genome. well what i think is perfect. Goes by frogzombie2 on Creatures forums. He usually runs around 12-22 metarooms at one time.His Method of genetic engineering is to make a creature built for a specfic part in the ship. I.E grendels keeping norn levels down while maybe having a few Super grendel hunting norns running around after the grendels. He loves to transplant plants from areas around the ship to other areas. Making the desert areas a forest and other things. Email is frogzombie2@yahoo.com I check it almost everyday.