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True Warmblood Creatures

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The True Warmblood Creatures are a genetic breed by Dragoler based on the CFF. Dragoler describes the TWB as having "real internal body temperatures who are effected by the heat levels of their surroundings, the types of food they chose to eat and the level of activity in their lifestyles." The True Warmblood Creatures feel hungry when they need to eat and gain muscle tissue based on how much they exercise.

True Warmblood creatures can suffer from hypothermia, which shuts down their metabolism, requiring hotness injections to recover. Hunger for fat can be an early warning sign of hypothermia.

Adipose tissue helps to regulate coldness and water helps to regulate hotness in True Warmblood Creatures.

Excess adipose tissue can cause heart disease in creatures - encourage physical activity and eating fruit to combat this.

A new edition of TWBs was released for the CCSF 2018, drawing inspiration from the Immune Norns.

The latest version of the TWBs and TCBs is the TWB & TCB V3.0 (archive) released for the CCSF 2019.

If you have the Sensorimotor Lobe Input patch installed, TWB v3 will attempt to go home when drowning.

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