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The Norn Nebula (Discord Server)

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Started by C-Rex, The Creatures Community's first ever Discord Server began life as a simple private server, but slowly began to grow popularity throughout mid 2017, and is now one of the busiest Creatures Servers on Discord.

Warp Day

Similar to the Get Online Day of yore, Warp Day was originally created for the CCSF 2018 and takes place every Saturday, encouraging players to bring their C3/DS worlds online via Albian Warp. The channel #warp_day serves as a discussion room for the event. Any bugs encountered during Warp Day may be forwarded to Ham5ter.


  • The server was known simply as "Creatures Community" up until November 26 2017, when it was rebranded "The Norn Nebula" after C-Rex's blog of the same name.