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The Norn Nebula (Discord Server)

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  • Webmaster: C-Rex
  • Contributors/Staff: Layla
  • Ran from/to dates: 13 December 2016 - Current


The Creatures Community's first ever Discord Server began life as a simple, private server, but slowly began to grow popularity throughout mid 2017, and is now one of the busiest Creatures Servers on Discord.


  • Insulting or bullying other members will not be tolerated. This includes name-calling, general nastiness and posting insulting imagery, such as offensive memes. If you are being bullied please inform one of the admins and it will be dealt with.
  • Please refrain from shouting. Shouting refers to typing in all capitals. It can be very annoying and in some cases considered rude. Anyone who shouts will be given a warning. If it continues they will receive a gag.
  • Please don't spam. Spam refers to posting images or text that serves no other purpose than to annoy people. If spambots do join the server please notify one of the admins and it will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Do not post links to copyrighted content, including the mall breeds. Any messages with these kind of links will be deleted.
  • Regardless of which channel you post in, be aware of how much information about yourself you give away. Due to safety reasons any posts containing information such as addresses or telephone numbers will be deleted.
  • Please treat everyone in the server with respect - do not harass, threaten or abuse others on the server. To put it bluntly, don't be a jerk.
  • Swearing - Any messages that feature words considered swear words will be deleted from the general channel. The #nsfw channel will allow strong language as long as it is not being used to abuse fellow members.
  • Subject Matter - Try to keep content within the channels clean - any discussion of pornography, severe violence, or other potentially offensive content hould be kept within the #nsfw channel. As always, please exercise judgement and good common sense before posting. Also, please try to keep messages on-topic within their respective channel. Side discussions are fine, but please try and avoid veering too far off-topic.

Categories and Channels

Voice chat
  • #voice_chat
  • #General [Voice channel]
  • #announcements
  • #rules_and_info
  • #introductions
  • #server_links
  • #suggestions_box
  • #creatures_general
  • #help
  • #development
  • #creatures_pics
  • #creatures_videos
  • #off-topic_general
  • #off-topic_pics
  • #off-topic_videos
  • #mature-content
  • #music
  • #vent
  • #games_general
  • #virtual_life
  • #server_games


  • The server was known simply as "Creatures Community" up until November 26 2017, when it was rebranded "The Norn Nebula" after C-Rex's blog of the same name.

External Links

https://discord.gg/7X3mJwf - Invite to the Discord server.