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The Norn Nebula (Discord Server)

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Summary of Content

The Creatures Community's first ever Discord Server. There are currently six channels:

  • #announcements - A channel for users to post news or any announcements they may have. Is also used by the admins to inform users of any changes to the server. All members have access.
  • #general - What it says on the tin - a place for members to talk about anything, creatures-related or not, as long as it adheres to the rules. All members have access.
  • #help - A channel for users to get help by asking questions. All members have access.
  • #development - A place for discussing anything related to the development of the Creatures games. All members have access.
  • #nsfw - An invite-only channel for posting or discussing mature content that may not otherwise be allowed within the #general channel. Members who would like access to this channel must request it from one of the admins.


  • Insulting or bullying other members will not be tolerated. This includes name-calling, general nastiness and posting insulting imagery, such as offensive memes. If you are being bullied please inform one of the admins and it will be dealt with.
  • Please refrain from shouting. Shouting refers to typing in all capitals. It can be very annoying and in some cases considered rude. Anyone who shouts will be given a warning. If it continues they will receive a gag.
  • Please don't spam. Spam refers to posting images or text that serves no other purpose than to annoy people. If spambots do join the server please notify one of the admins and it will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Do not post links to copyrighted content, including the mall breeds. Any messages with these kind of links will be deleted.
  • Regardless of which channel you post in, be aware of how much information about yourself you give away. Due to safety reasons any posts containing information such as addresses or telephone numbers will be deleted.
  • We will not tolerate any kind of homophobic, xenophobic or racist remarks within any channel.
  • Swearing - As Discord requires all members be over 13 in order to join, we exercise a somewhat relaxed attitude towards bad language. However, please keep in mind that some strong language can be offensive to others. The #nsfw channel will allow strong language as long as it is not being used to abuse fellow members.
  • Subject Matter - Try to keep content within the General channel clean - any discussion of pornography, severe violence or sexual content should be kept within the #nsfw channel. As always, please exercise judgment and good common sense before posting.

Users who continue to break the rules will be given a gag which revokes their messaging privileges throughout the server. Gags will be removed after the admin team agrees that enough time has passed for the user to learn their lesson. Any future rule-breaking after a gag may result in a permanent ban.