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The Norn Nebula (Discord Server)

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Summary of Content

The Creatures Community's first ever Discord Server. There are currently six channels:

  • #announcements - A channel for users to post news or any announcements they may have. Is also used by the admins to inform users of any changes to the server. All members have access.
  • #general - What it says on the tin - a place for members to talk about anything, creatures-related or not, as long as it adheres to the rules. All members have access.
  • #help - A channel for users to get help by asking questions. All members have access.
  • #development - A place for discussing anything related to the development of the Creatures games. All members have access.
  • #nsfw - An invite-only channel for posting or discussing mature content that may not otherwise be allowed within the #general channel. Members who would like access to this channel must request it from one of the admins.
  • #staff - A place for members of the admin team to discuss the server and give any suggestions. Admins only.

Rules for the server can be found pinned within the #general channel. It is highly recommended that new members read them before they start posting.