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The Dark Psycho is a most enigmatic figure. He has only referred to his real first name twice online and only rarely refers to his offline life. However, he is relatively active on the CC circuit, hitting RPs here and there to add his own "Psychotopian" flair.

He also has a breed of Norns and a breed of Grendel to his name, but sadly they are no longer available online. However, if you find his email and ask him really nicely, he may give them to you.

His most recent project is the Blackstar Dojo, a forum for freeform roleplaying. He is currently its Administrator, where he goes by the name The Sensei.

He is also a former Evil Council headmaster.

However, lately He has taken up a new calling, and is now the head Admin of Blackstar Dojo, where he spends most of his time.

When not there, DP can be found either in college studying Computer Engineering or at Digium, where he works testing telephony equipment and software.

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