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Tea Time Plants

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"These potted plants were created by the strange and slightly demented shee when she wanted to drink tea in her garden without Biff getting scalded scales."
- archived from Twilight's website (currently down).

The Tea Time Plants are a collection of four tea-themed potted bushes by Twilight and Bug (credited as the artist). There is a full story, which elaborates on the above quote, in the read-me file that accompanies this agent pack. All four plants that are included have flowers:

  • Creamer Vines grow cream-filled fruit
  • Sugar Cactus generate sugary seeds
  • Biscuit Bush dispense tasty biscuits (classed as food)
  • Teacup Plant grow cups of tea (classed as food), the favourite drink of the Shee.

The Tea Time Plants are available to download at an archive of Twilight's website.

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