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Revision as of 14:41, 11 April 2006 by Kris Schnee (talk) (Patent Issued on Genetics)
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Guys, you may want to speak with the patent office about this "new" invention:

U.S. Patent 7,025,675 Issued 04/11/2006 "Video Game Characters Having Evolving Traits" Inventors - Fogel et al, Digenetics, Inc.

With few exceptions, prior art game systems do not utilize game characters having "genetic" structures . . . The term "digital genetics" or "digenetics" refers to the simulated genetic code associated with a game character . . . The computer-simulated digenetic code is maintained throughout its life unless altered via digenetic therapy or digenetic mutation . . . The types of mutations, the severity of the mutations, and/or the frequency of mutation can be generated randomly . . . resulting in extraordinary strength; additional or unusual physical features; enhanced or degraded vision; altered cognitive capacities; or the like . . . Offspring video game characters have digenetic components based on their parent characters . . .

See [patft.uspto.gov/] to verify. I don't see any distinction here over just "game character genetics" besides the fact that characters are stored on a Net server, which sounds like "Docking Station." --Kris Schnee 14:41, 11 April 2006 (UTC)