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This a listing of the official norn, ettin, and Grendel breeds. These include not only breeds that come with with the game, but also species that Creature Labs created, declared as official, and put them up at the Creatures Mall (or some type of free download).

C1 Breeds: - Banana Norn - Horse Norn - Pixie Norn - Common Grendel - Purple Mountain Norn

C2 Breeds: - Hebe Norn - Alba Norn - Malay Norn - Bulbous Grendel - Worker Ettin

C3/DS Breeds: - ChiChi Norn - Bruin Norn - Bengal Norn - Civet Norn - Jungle Grendel - Desert Ettin

Creatures Mall Breeds: - Bondi Norn - Treehugger Norn - Hardman Norn - Toxic Norn - Magma Norn (also available in Creatures Exodus) - Fallow Norn (also available in Creatures Exodus) - Harlequin Norn (also available in Creatures Exodus) - Banshee Grendel - Zebra Norn - Astro Norn