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The original Creatures 1 breeds are:
Meaning 1: Whether a [[Creature]] is a [[Norn]], [[Ettin]], [[Grendel]], [[Shee]] or [[Geat]]. 
- Banana Norn
- Pixie Norn
- Horse Norn
- Common Grendel
The original Creatures 2 breeds are:
Meaning 2: Part of the [[Classification system]], see also [[family]] and [[genus]]. 
- Hebe Norn
- Malay Norn
- Alba Norn
- Worker Ettin
- Hunchback Grendel
The original Creatures 3 breeds are:
- Bruin Norn
- Bengal Norn
- Civet Norn
Original Docking Sration breeds:
- ChiChi Norn
Downloadable but official norn breeds for C3/DS include:
- Magma Norn
- Fallow Norn
- Harlequin Norn
- Bondi Norn
- Treehugger Norn
- Hardman Norn
- Toxic Norn
- Astro Norn
- Zebra Norn
[[Category:Creatures 2]]
[[Category:Creatures 3]]

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Meaning 1: Whether a Creature is a Norn, Ettin, Grendel, Shee or Geat.

Meaning 2: Part of the Classification system, see also family and genus.

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