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Shee Statue

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The Shee Statue in Creatures 2

The Shee Statue is a rather imposing depiction of a Shee in the Albia of Creatures 2. It imposes a great deal of fear on all creatures who dare to approach it. When a norn encounters the Shee Statue, the Shee's eyes and the orbs under its hands will become light purple. The statue is also known to scare a creature to literal death if they stare at it way too long... But don't worry, it is still pretty safe for norns! No harm shall come to them if they get past it quickly or run away! Regarding this information, there have been recorded deaths of norns because they refused to move once they see the statue.

The More Updates COB pack by Mr NStuff includes a Shee Statue Update which significantly reduces the terror experienced by creatures upon seeing the statue, allowing them to pass by more safely.

Monika created a Shee Scarer Remover which makes the eyes of the Shee Statue not scary anymore.

Spirit created a comforting Shee Dragon to sit at the statue's feet and counter its effects.

Ali of Albia 2000 also made a Shee Statue COB for Creatures 1.