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Shee Ginseng

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The Shee Ginseng is an agent for the Norn Terrarium in Creatures 3 by Spirit.

The Shee Ginseng is very much like real Ginseng: it is very hard to propagate by seed, and almost impossible to do indoors, so cuttings from the root or the base of the stems with parts of the root attached are used for propagation. This makes it ideally suited for Shee spaceship living, it doesn't spread by itself, but will regrow quickly from the stub left by the creatures after eating it.

The Ginseng is also beneficial for creatures' health, it provides a needed boost as well as medicinal properties, to strengthen the body against diseases, as the real Ginseng does. It also provides a filling meal.

It is available at Creatures Caves and also at Eemfoo.org.