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Shaon is a avid RPG addict. She joined the CC late 2003, early 2004. She hasn't made any agents or COBs, nor stories, but she does contribute to RPs a lot. She currently has Creatures Trilogy, and Creatures Exodus. She runs Windows XP. She also frequents JRChat.


Shaon Galatea

Shaon is a goddess of oddity. Her past is intertwined with DP's, making it almost impossible to tell one without the other.


She was mortal once, long ago. She was a runt kitten whose owners couldn't take care of, and shoved a stone down her throat to 'put her down'. She next awoke under a dune in her home desert, with a... mermaid... looking lovingly down at her with beautiful aqua eyes. They had a small conversation, which the mermaid named the kitten Paranesia, for her forgetfulness. She called herself Ariel. Ariel wanted to apprentice her into... something. She was vague about it, but being a forgetful little kitten, Paranesia accepted.


Not too much is known about this part of Shaon's past, except that she was taught the ways of a spirit, and tried out every aspect of water, for Ariel was the goddess of Water and to apprentice Shaon she had to give up one aspect of her powers. She chose one very large aspect that the kitten, now a cat, had done best at. She could not control or summon water, nor much else, nor could she swim or fight well, being a runt. But she could control the reflections upon the water... Illusion. She was sent directly into godhood. The binds of spirithood were broken, but the feelings not. Shaon to this day speaks nothing of her spirit days, and stays away from Ariel so to not bow on instinct and loose her dignity.

Early godhood years

Shaon's godhood years could be split into many parts, for it has not been long since she had been banished. Technico and Shaon rose to godhood around at the same time, so they had become good friends. Shaon particularily hated humans, since they 'put her down' so long ago. She used her illusions against them, but they still did take pleasure in her realm, of Dreams, much to her anger. This is why she had to be convinced to give up some of her control of sanity when Refrika, god of fire, told her of his plot to rid one of the menaces of the gods, the Predator.

Au'Marui's birth

Refrika created men with his breath, so he could create a person who would be perfect as his minion, unlike Ariel. So when his current creation died, he forced him into the Immortal Realm, where all the gods mainly stayed. However, there was one problem. Refrika needed his spirit to be pure evil, totally unlike Au'Marui. So he devised a plan for one of his best Spirits, Daruk K'nite, to die and his evil go to Au'Marui. How does this tie into Shaon? Well, just about everything, seeing as he derived off of her powers.

Au'Marui's Banishment

Shaon did not exactly like Au'Marui, and was happy to spy on him, to watch the plan work.

Au'Marui, due to his spirithood bindings, like all other spirits, wanted godhood. So he devised a plan to create a tribe of people, implant them with every mental illness he could think of, and set them onto the world, to make everyone else insane, and therefor be promoted into godhood. Shaon had directly caught him and put him on trial. He was banished, and his tribe was moved to an island on the carribian. Shaon could control insanity oncemore.

later godhood years

Here is the start of the end. The powerful goddess became quite the rogue, finding some of the god-enemies, like her current good friend, Forte. She began traveling to the mortal realm, and met the Dragoon tribe, a tribe of people who were connected to dragons in some way.


Con, displayed as one of Shaon's many remakes, is sister to Nekko, and are both Nekos. She represents the darker, eviler, depresser part of the real Shaon. Little known fact: Con's boots are from a comic, Johnny the Homicidal Manic (obviously not for young people, Shaon herself said so), and represent th darkest part of her past. Shaon often draws the boots in Jhonen's style. Con is also Psychotopian, and a warp explorer. She has dedicated her life to finding her sister.


Once a winged albino kougra, Albia is now Shaon's Algaesian dragon. Yea. Not much to see here.


A Ria-anu, she represents Shaon's current life. She is also an Otherkin, like Shaon.


Shaon has several AIs that she RPs. Melissa, of Halo 2 fame, is, well, see for yourself. Sleeping Princess is a boring, mass-produced, armband AI.