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Shaon is a avid RPG addict. She joined the CC late 2003, early 2004. She hasn't made any agents or cobs, nor stories, but she does contribute to RPs a lot. She currently has Creatures Trilogy, and Creatures Exodus. She runs Windows XP. She also frequents JRChat.



Shaon, the character, has had many remakes. She is currently the banished Goddess of Illusion, but she actually started as a Grim! Her character is often the same as Shaon, the person. The current Shaon loves both Technico, God of Technology, and Strong Sad, depressed Strong brother of Homestar Runner.com


Con, displayed as one of Shaon's many remakes, is sister to Nekko, and are both Nekos. She represents the darker, eviler, depresser part of the real Shaon. Little known fact: Con's boots are from a comic, Johnny the Homicidal Manic (obviously not for young people, Shaon herself said so), and represent th darkest part of her past. Shaon often draws the boots Johnen-ish. Con is also Psychotopian, and a warp explorer. She has dedicated her life to finding her sister.


Once a winged albino kougra, Albia is now Shaon's Algaesian dragon. Yea. Not much to see here.


A Ria-anu, she represents Shaon's current life. She is also an Otherkin, like Shaon.


Shaon has several AIs that she RPs. Melissa, of 2 fame, is, well, see for yourself. Sleeping Princess is a boing, mass-produced, armband AI.