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Seaweed Tavern

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The Seaweed Tavern
Seaweed Tavern Icon

The Seaweed Tavern (also known as Bug's Tavern) was Bug's first metaroom - although it is still up to standards with many other rooms released since! Themed (obviously) on a beachside tavern, it includes a peculiar jukebox, coin sack, and more!

The Tavern has 2 levels - the bottom has a bar, with a skeleton waiter ready to pour your norns home-brewed beer. The top level has a beautiful mermaid, who sings haunting melodies that will have your norns in tears. It overlaps with The Mermaid Caves.

You can download it at Bug's Lair (archive). TwilightCat made a special version of the Seaweed Tavern with a working bar for TreeSprite, this version is available for download at EemFoo's Archive.