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Scorpio Norn

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Barbie, the original female Scorpio Norn
  • Name: Scorpio Norn
  • Home Area: Albia
  • Game: Creatures 2
  • Slot: Norn slot S

The Scorpio Norns are a norn breed for Creatures 2 by Wafuru (sprites and atts) and Mannkind (genome). They have claws for hands and long scorpion tails with a wicked-looking sting on the end. They're very aggressive and thrive in warm climates such as the desert.

Here is the story of the Scorpios...

Albia is only one of many disc worlds populated by Norns... as the Shee keep more than a couple for experimentation. Hades, a world covered almost entirely by desert sands, is yet another of these worlds. The Shee used this world to test out their more volatile and heat-resistant Norns. One such breed among these somewhat dangerous creatures were the "Scorpus Norn", or, as they later became, Scorpio Norns. Much like their planet, these Norns were highly unforgiving and harsh... but their resistance to heat and tenacious survival skills made them perfectly suited to their climate. The Shee, satisfied with their improvements to the Hades disc world, moved on.

On a visit to Albia, it was discovered that a mated pair of Scorpio Norns had somehow stowed away on the Shee vessel. Too late to prevent them from escaping into the unsuspecting world, the Shee could only hope they didn't wreak too much havok on the already settled inhabitants. What the Shee didn't understand about the Scorpios - as they had feared to be too near them at any given time - was that the creatures are actually fairly reasonable and intelligent, maybe even just a little cunning. And while they are terribly easy to anger, they don't go looking for trouble, they only respond a hundredfold to that which annoys them.

The pair came out of hiding once the Shee had left, and decided to make themselves at home in the new surroundings. They found the disc world of Albia to be quite to their liking... a far cry from the unkind, barren wastelands that was their home of Hades.

The Scorpio Norns can be downloaded at Adventures in Nornsitting!