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SYS: CMND is a Creatures and Creatures 2 CAOS command used to trigger menu functions. They can be used with Creatures Commander.

Syntax as of C1[edit]

SYS: CMND id# - issue an ID_XXX command message to the application. This allows macros to activate ANY menu command. Note that command will get executed LATER - fn doesn't wait before returning! id# is the decimal ID_XXX value - look these up in the resource file & list them for users

SYS: CMND values in Creatures 2[edit]

This command allows you to trigger menu options, the meanings are explained below:

209 show/hide selected creature indicator

32771 show/hide norns eye view

32774 enable all game state power-ups

32777 instantly teach current creature all words

32783 Track creature with camera

32786 enable/disable creature burble

32807 infect creature with random bacteria

32832 open the Creatures home page

32837 Resume operation of game

32838 Pause operation of game

32839 Store camera position in favourite places

32840 Kill creature

32863 Export creature

32864 Import creature

32865 Force ageing

32866 Smooth scrolling

32879 Open the hatchery

32880 Open the owners kit

32881 Open the health kit

32882 Open the graveyard

32883 Open the breeders kit

32884 Open the Science kit

32885 Open the neuroscience kit

32886 Open the observation kit

32887 Open the injector kit

32888 Open the chronicles kit

32890 Open the ecology kit

32917 Change the hand to push mode

32929 show/hide standard toolbar

32930 show/hide pointer toolbar

32931 show/hide favourite places toolbar

32985 Make the hand invisible/visible

32986 Change the hand to reward/punish mode

32988 View Albia in full screen

32989 Next Norn

32995 show/hide the room layout

33006 Mark all rooms as visited

59392 show/hide the toolbar

59393 show/hide the status bar

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