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SEEE is a CAOS command which tests, with the help of RNGE, if one agent can see another. It is used in Creatures 3/Docking Station.


Syntax: SEEE (int) first (agent) second (agent)

Returns 1 if the first agent can see the second, or 0 if it can't.


From the empathic vendor's ear script:

** The Vendor's Ear
scrp 2 23 3 126
**this whole script will not fire unless ov00 is 1. The ear is set as 'on' by default, but it can be set as 'off' by clicking the relevant button on the main empathic vendor.
doif ov00 = 1
sets va00 _p1_
seta va01 _p2_
doif va01 <> null
targ ownr
rnge 1000
** Check to see if you can actually see the speaker, if not.. get one of the pods to make some food!
doif seee ownr va01 = 1
setv va99 1

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