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SCRP is a CAOS command used to mark the beginning of a script.



     scrp family(int) genus(int) species(int) script_number(int)
          *events to happen

Where family, genus, and species are Classifiers; and script_number is one of the CAOS Script Numbers.

Note that a SCRP command needs to have its closing command, ENDM.


Family, genus, or species can be entered as 0 for wildcard matching, like the mating script for creatures:

scrp 4 0 0 34

Using wildcard matching, you can have 1 script instead of having 6 scripts (one for each species and sex).


The following script will change the name of the Hand to Banana when any gadget is activated (pushed):

scrp 3 8 0 1
   hand "Banana"

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