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Pink Strawberry Norn

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Pink Strawberry Norn Male

The Pink Strawberry Norns were the first genetic Norn breed created by C-Rex for C3/DS. They resemble Chichi Norns, but their skin is a pinkish colour and they have green hair. Extremely timid, even of other Norns, they often prefer to be left alone, and as a result, breeding them is quite a challenge! To persuade them to mate, females should be administered either oestrogen or an agent that increases fertility.

Baby Pink Strawberry Norns are originally born a dark green colour. As they mature, however, they will begin to gain their trademark pink colour by the time they become Adults, although this may not always be the case in higher generations where pigment mutations have occurred.

C-Rex released a CFE version in 2013 to celebrate the breed's fifth anniversary.

You can download the Pink Strawberry Norns at The Norn Nebula.

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