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[[Other Lone Shee Ark]] - Pilla's first metaroom project.
[[Other Lone Shee Ark]] - Pilla's first metaroom project.
[[Testing Room]]
[[Testing Room]] - A metaroom for quarantaining and testing stuff. Collab with [[XRAINxOFxBLOODx|xRAINxOFxBLOODx]]

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Pilla is a member of the Creatures Community who likes to create custom agents and metarooms. Her agents are available only for Docking Station. She can be found on the #creatures IRC channel, Creatures Caves and several Discord channels.

She hosts a blog/agent page, Pilla's DS Agents, which can be found here. She also hosts a Discord channel for people who want to develop content for the Creatures series, the Caos Coding Cave.

Below you can find the content Pilla has created/contributed to.

Docking Station Agents[edit]


Pilla's improved favplaces - Allows you to reorder favourite place icons, loopback when the icons don't fit on the screen.

Game Controller - Allows you to toggle/change hand holding, hand visibility, autokill, game speed and screen rendering.

CAev - Allows you to inject bubbles that constantly emit CA.

Import Picker - This agent imports creatures at its exact position. - Sprite by Aliena

Dustdevil Grendel Plushie - Collab with Linda


Banshee Ark - A project consisting four metarooms. Collab.

Betaship - A community metaroom project.

Other Lone Shee Ark - Pilla's first metaroom project.

Testing Room - A metaroom for quarantaining and testing stuff. Collab with xRAINxOFxBLOODx


An interactive map to show the metaroom coordinates of the C3/DS metarooms. Find it here.

External Links[edit]

Pilla's DS Agents - Pilla's blog

Caos Coding Cave Discord - A Discord invite to the CAOS Coding Cave Discord channel

Interactive metaroom map - A map that shows the placement of existing C3DS metarooms, useful for developers.