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Photo Room

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The Photo Room is a metaroom by Uttar.

Getting In:

To get into the metaroom, you have to teleport a Norn into it by using the Photo Room's teleporter. This is exactly like the med bay teleporter except for it is pastel green in color and takes you to the Photo Room. The hand cannot travel to the room alone, there must be a creature.

Controls/Getting Out:

There are two circle-shaped controls in the center of the metaroom; one multicolored and one green.

The multicolored control, when clicked, dumps your norns out of the metaroom and into the Norn terrarium. The green control changes the background alternately from black to green.

You can use this room to take visually attractive piccys of your norns for your site, or to post on an adopotion page.

Here is the link to get the PhotoRoom:

Download it at The Terrarium.