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ORDR SHOU is a C3 CAOS command used to send a spoken command from the TARG to all creatures that can hear it. It is used in the C3 learning machine.


ORDR SHOU (command) speech (string)

Sends a spoken command from target to all creatures that can hear it.

Learning machine syntax[edit]

From "CAOSTables.cpp": As well as the usual speech that Creatures can understand, there is a special syntax that can be used for learning machines. This is as follows:

learn|perfect verb|noun|drive|qualifier|special|personal|nice_drive [number] [word]

Here the | means \"or\", the [number] is the id slot to learn, and [word] is the new text to fill that word in with. \"perfect\" makes the Creature learn it perfectly straight away, whereas \"learn\" does a gradual learning. See the Creatures 3 learning machine cos file for an example use.

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