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Nova Subterra

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Nova Subterra is an alternative genome for Creatures 2 Norns created by LummoxJR in an attempt to combat OHSS, among other problems. From the genome's website:

Nova Subterra is the first genome for Creatures 2 that not only addresses the problems in the original genome, but expands on it. The Norns of Nova Subterra have four new brain lobes, but only two new chemicals are needed to regulate their bodies. The genome includes a number of changes and advancements, including:
  • Less tiredness, but better sleep habits.
  • One-Hour Stupidity Syndrome (OHSS) is cured.
  • Wall-bonking is rare.
  • Jumping off cliffs is rare, except at the dark ocean (a bug in Albia itself).
  • Extremely high intelligence.
  • Amiable personality.
  • Better eating habits.
  • Tendency to travel.
  • Pregnancies and mating are physically less punishing.

A similar project resulted in the Canny Norns.

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