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Norns of Our Albia

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Norns of Our Albia
  • Web addresses:
    • http://nornzoo.tripod.com/ (most recent site, archived)
    • members.nbci.com/NOOA/Welcome.html (former)
    • members.xoom.com/NOOA (former)
    • come.to/NOOA (former)
  • Webmaster: Jessica
  • Ran from/to dates: Earlier than 12 April 1999 - November 2000 (last update of first site) and 22 November 2004 - Current (second site)

Summary of Content

This website was suspended in November 2000 due to real life, but relaunched four years later. Has norns, ettins and grendels from Creatures, Creatures 2, Creatures 3 and Docking Station, as well as COBs and agents for the above games and a few hints and tips. The initial version also contained some animated GIFs.

Screenshot of Norns of Our Albia from March 2016



C3 Agents