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The information contained in this article may be incorrect due to unreliable sources.

nornina (Also known as Arjay, rj, The Great Nornina, tgn) was a member of the Creatures Community starting in 1999. She was often present in JRChat, although she eventually stopped appearing due to illness. She also was an occasional visitor to Sine. She was a good programmer and webmaster, and ran the website known as Welcome to The Great Nornia (later known as TGNS) from 98/99 until late 2000 when, for some reason, all of the content disappeared (although the main page and the German sections are still up). She also had subsections - "The Creatures 3 Spaceship" and "Sal's C1 World" - which both are no longer online.

At some stage she switched to co-running Norntropolis to ease the pressures of running her own site by herself and in the background was working on a Creatures RPG set in the city of "Norntropolis". Although the game was never published, her friends are working on restoring/finishing it and one day publishing it to the entire Creatures Community.

She was the author of many COBs and quite a few breeds, but these were only released to the German community and are extremely difficult to find since her website was reverted to a backed-up version (meaning a lot of new content was lost).

Arjay had a very serious illness and eventually (as of early 2006) was no longer able to contribute with the Creatures Community. She enjoyed programming and administrated three different MUD and also had a few amateur galleries of various pictures she drew.