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  • Addresses:
    • nornaholics.co.uk (archive)
    • nornaholics.creatureslife.net (newer site, archive)
  • Webmaster: alanna
  • Staff/Contributors: Maxite, Nornavis
  • Ran from/to: 1998 - 11 August 2001 (last update)

Summary of Content

Forums, stories by Maxite and Nornavis, C1 and C3 adoptions, some C1 COBs and general tidbits, including Reasons to be Afraid of the people at CL

History of Website

The first version of the website was uploaded in 1998, followed by a frames-based version in 1999. The site was updated with a new green and yellow theme on 20 February 2001, but soon returned to its trademark powder-blue.

Interesting Facts

  • Nornaholics was actually started in 1997, in Microsoft Publisher ("bad idea")