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Norn Posters

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Norn Posters is a COB by Markham Carroll for Creatures. Norns like looking at them, especially if there are other norns of the opposite sex nearby . . .

Your Norns can now enjoy posters of their favourite pop stars! What? You never knew Norns had a pop culture? Just watch your Norns - every now and then they'll do one of their popular dance moves, like the foot tap and sometimes the moonwalk. Really, it's true! --Markham Carroll

In fact, this is true, sorta. It's called a Lek. --GreenReaper(talk)

The Norn Posters have the following effect:

The Norn Posters can be downloaded from Markham's Norn Land, or also at Eemfoo.org.

They use the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 12 188

and clash with one of SteerPike's Painting Collection.