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A norn

Norns (Cyberlifogenis cutis) are a species of creature, created by the Shee to entertain them and serve tea and biscuits. They were genetically engineered on the disc-shaped planet Albia. Many were abandoned there as the Shee took off in their spaceship, the Ark (although they took a few of them along). They are lovable and innocent creatures, who need some care to survive, though some breeds are more capable of living in the wild.

Norns are the main Alife attraction of the games in the Creatures series. They compete (to an extent) amongst one another, and with the other species present in Albia and on the Ark: Ettins and Grendels. Players can choose to help them survive, usually by active management of their environment and the addition of various helper COBs/agents, or leave them to fend for themselves over extended periods of time in feral or wolfling runs. Some go even further in their "testing" of norns, which others refer to as norn torture.

Norns, like other creatures, do not naturally speak Handish, and must be taught it via a Computer, or other tools such as the Super Speech Toy. Their native language is known as Bibble; other species have their own dialects.

Did you know? The name "norn" came from Norse mythology and refers to "the three old women who sit round a giant tree spinning men's fates." (from Tips.txt). It is also the name of a language [1] once used in Orkney.

Browse the list of norn breeds - over 100 have been created!

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