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(My history in the CC.)
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Revision as of 14:40, 19 January 2005

I became interested in Creatures while reading a science magazine that had > information on Creatures in it. > I became involved in the CC three months before C2 came out. > When Liz Morris did her Creatures fanfic,I read it and was so impressed,I > asked if she would like me to illustrated it. She did and I did. I still > feel her trilogy is the best Creatures fanfic out there. I also illoed' > LilWashu 's work... > I did a very short series of cartoons and fanfic for the CC as well. > At one point Elf was working on some grendels and needed a very peaceful > genome to work from..So she asked me for help. I just happened to have had a > very gentle,peaceful Bruin norn named Dash...I decided his genome was > perfect,so Elf got it and used it as she saw fit. > As time went on,there was lots of infighting in the CC over norn torture > and other issues...Most of which I stayed out of. I basically just ignored > the bat bits of the CC and went with the good and there was lots of good,and > still is. > I feel Creatures has a lot of potential in both virtual and real life > apps...Like pet bots and I'm glad to have been a part of the CC and to have > gotten to watch it evolve over the years. > > >