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A metaroom is an area in a world, subdivided into rooms with doors between them. Often they have a music file associated with them; music tracks can be specified per-room, but the files themselves are usually per-metaroom.

Every metaroom in C3\DS has a position in the Norn world, and not nessicarily where they "should" go--the C3 "environments" are all arranged in roughly a rectangle while the "main" part of the ship is just "below" them. A map of most of the metarooms can be found at http://norngarden.albia2000.com/roomplan.html. It seems that the "smaller" world is mostly full though there are a few gaps for small metarooms. However there is also a larger map with much more space, about 50 to 100 times as much. There must be some compatibility issues with this larger world but I don't know of any.

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