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A '''metaroom''' is an area in a [[world]], subdivided into [[room]]s with [[door]]s between them. Often they have a [[music]] file associated with them; music tracks can be specified per-room, but the files themselves are usually per-metaroom.
A metaroom is like the norn meso.
Every metaroom in [[C3]]/[[DS]] has a position in the [[world]] (the [[Ark]] or the [[Capillata]]), and this position is not necessarily where they "should" go--the Creatures 3 environments are all arranged in a rough rectangle while the "main" part of the ship is just below them. A map of most of the metarooms can be found at the [[Norngarden]] website.
It seems that the "smaller" world is mostly full though there are a few gaps for small metarooms. However there is also a larger map with much more space, about 50 to 100 times as much. There must be some compatibility issues with this larger world but if there are, they are not known.
''[[:Category:Metarooms|Browse the list of known metarooms]].''
==External links==
* [http://norngarden.albia2000.com/roomplan.html Room plan] for [[Creatures 3]]/[[Docking Station]]

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A metaroom is like the norn meso.