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C3meerk ingame.png

Meerk (Merkolus humble)


With the appearance of a cross between a meercat and a squirrel, the Meerk is undoubtedly one of the more common-looking residents of the Desert Terrarium. Unfortunately, it is affected by an ill-tested ecology, and is a rare sight above-ground in its terrarium. One of the more common bugs of the Meerk is its ability to die when it is underground (the dead Meerk sprite can be seen in-game at the Cartesian coordinates 0, 0). This can be seen in the uppermost left of the Norn Terrarium.

This bug was fixed in the Meerk Update by Malkin, but that fix has since been superseded by Verm's C3 Improved Desert Terrarium, which has that fix but also makes the meerks parthenogenic mammals, who will give birth underground to their young (baby meerks!) after a full (invisible) term, and the young meerks will rely on the adults for milk.

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