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Marcus K.

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Marcus K. (MK-Grendel on forums, commonly just Marcus, although there are others with that name) is a German member of the Creatures Community. He is responsible for creating many breeds, including:

Most of his work is available at Mummy's Creatures, but he also has a site of his own, the Grendel Warehouse (hosted by Alien).

Marcus makes Agents, too. Some of his Norn breeds have their own Agents, but here are some independent agents:

Marcus was also working on Creatures - The Next Generation, a planned seventh part of the series, together with some other members of the German Creatures community. It was supposed to be an entirely new game with its own environment called Rockhome, featuring its own unique flora and fauna, breeds, and agents; most of the work was done by Marcus himself. Unfortunately, Marcus is not an active member of the Creatures community and the CTNG team anymore, causing a general reduce of activity in the German Creatures community.