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Magma Norn

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Magma Norn Female

The Magma Norns are an add-on breed that were previously only available in Creatures Internet Edition and at the Creatures Mall, but they can now be downloaded for free. (alternative download location) They are also one of the breeds that comes with the Creatures Exodus boxed edition.

Species Specifics[edit]

These norns are especially fond of heat, so keep them where it's warm! The Desert Terrarium in Creatures 3 is a perfect place for these creatures.

The discovery of the Magma Norns by the Lone Shee is described in the Magma Norn Story.

Editnorn.png Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Lone Shee warps back to Albia to check up on the state of things. He finds it mostly desolate, although the ettins have effected some repairs. However, grendels have taken over and of the norn eggs that had been stockpiled, only one norn remains alive, both through lack of food and predation by grendels. The Lone Shee rescues this norn and takes it back to the Capillata.

Given the inconsistency between this story and the Creatures 2 story (where six eggs were waiting for the Hand), it is possible that the Lone Shee was, once more, in an alternate reality. Or maybe the Hands are. Or there may have been more than one stockpile of eggs.

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