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Luminous Grendel

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Creatures 3 and Docking Station
Creatures 3 and Docking Station Breed Information.
Type: Grendel
Breed Slot: Grendel slot O
Genome: CFE Grendel (Altered by Grendel Man))
Website: Creatures @ CU7
Author: Grendel Man
Conflicts: Easter Bunny Norns

The Luminous Grendels are Grendel Man's first full sprite-set. For the most part, they resemble the Jungle Grendel, but with a glow all over their scales.

Luminous grendels are a peaceful race who love the light, and even emit some when the included agent is injected. They are also fond of warm areas, since they get cold rather easily. Due to being based on Vampess's CFE grendel genome, they are smarter than normal grendels, and tend to get lonely easier. Keeping them in groups is recommended.

They are available for download at The Realm.