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Logic Grendels

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The Logic Grendels are a series of grendel genetic breeds made for C3/DS by Trix of The Universe of Ettins. They are named after different types of syllogisms. They include:

Darapti Grendels

A Hardman Norn-based grendel.

Barbara Grendels

Really happy female grendels, Chichi-based.

Datisi Grendels

Chichi-based female grendels.

Celarent Grendels

Bondi Norn-based grendel

Camestres Grendels

Treehugger Norn-based grendels. They get a large amount of punishment for slapping, and love the Hand.

Bianci Grendels

White, amphibious, grendels that love toys. Pregnant females seek solitude.

Dimaris Grendels

Amphibious grendels.

Baroco Grendels

A "very complicated" grendel.

Ferison Grendels

An Ettin-based breed, loves to explore.

Bocardo Grendels

When the hand pets them, they will become less cold. Has a fear of Ettins.

Disamis Grendels

Violent and easily-crowded grendels.

Bamalip Grendels

Colourful grendels.

Darii Grendels

"Sweet and cuddly" grendels.

Festino Grendels

A Grendel/Harlequin Norn cross.