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Life Kit

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The Life Kits are addons for the Creatures series of games. They are all now freely available for download (see External links).

Life Kit #1 for Creatures 1

This was an addon pack originally sold by Cyberlife and included in Creatures Deluxe. It includes two new norn variants - the Ron Norns and the Forest Norns, as well as the previously available Purple Mountain Norns. It also includes new COBs - a cage, a cage control box, crystal balls, potions and lotions, and the Grendel scarer.

Life Kit #1 for Creatures 2

This is a similar addon pack to the one made for the original Creatures, and as you might expect it was included in Creatures 2 Deluxe. It contains:

Life Kit #2 for Creatures 2

This consists of two separate packs - the Creativity Pack and the Diversity Pack.

Creativity Pack contents

Diversity Pack contents

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