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Lanky originally went by the name of Lankynorn and joined the Creatures Community circa 2000. Originally a member of Millenium Creatures, he later became a moderator of Egg Central and Creatures Caves.

Wishing at the time to become a web developer, he created the website SmartNorn. This went from being a Microsoft Frontpage development on Geocities to a PHP powered, hand written page hosted by Creatures Caves over three developments.

Lanky experimented with COB design for Creatures 2, but never released anything. Later he attempted a night-time rework of the Creatures 2 World graphics, but did not complete the project.

For Creatures 3/Docking Station, Lanky released an altered genome for the Harlequin Norn expansion pack, which used altered imaging sprites to give the impression of walking backwards and giggling. These Norns also had a higher desire for play and entertainment.

Lanky left the Creatures Community unannounced circa 2004.

Trix made the LankyNorn Dolly for Lanky's birthday.