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KnyteTrypper (real name Richard Gray) was a member of the Creatures Community starting in August 2003. Docking Station was his first Creatures game, but he also played Creatures 1, Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 as well. He was active at the Gameware Forums and A2K forums, and was webmaster of KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.

KnyteTrypper was a unique member of the Creatures Community. He came to the CC by way of the realm of artificial intelligence, rather than the gaming or virtual pet communities. He was a well-known chatbot developer, and websites such as his A.I. Nexus and The Chatterbot Collection are referenced almost anywhere on the internet where information about AIML and chatbots is presented. He was also a genetic breed designer whose credits include several breeds for C3/DS such as the Hunter Norns, Onyx Chichi Norns, Natatory Grendels, Namoran Ettins and Angry Ettins. In addition to his AI-related interests, KnyteTrypper was also interested in the development of avatars using both MS Agent and Haptek technology, as well as RPG video games, fantasy/sci-fi books and movies, and music (Grateful Dead, classic rock, reggae, traditional music of indigenous peoples).

KnyteTrypper passed away Saturday evening, November 25, 2006 at home, in his sleep. Born on July 10, 1950, he was 56 years old and lived in Sheffield, Alabama. A friend to many, he will be missed by us all.




Awards and Honors


Barnstar: Awarded July 28, 2006 by ElasticMuffin for contributions to the creatures wiki

Honorary Recognition: Aug. 2006 Member of the Month at Digital Girl Forum